• Go beyond with wireless condition monitoring

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Go beyond with wireless condition monitoring

Sep 18 2023

Get ready to unleash the performance of your plant with BKV Beyond’s limitless asset health management. Backed by the experience and expertise of Brüel & Kjær Vibro, this advanced platform extends condition monitoring from edge to enterprise. Whether you work in LNG production or thermal power, BKV Beyond adds actionable insights to your plant – identified by artificial intelligence (AI) and verified by experts.

All you need to unleash performance

BKV Beyond brings together all the elements you need to succeed. BKV Collect sensors fit directly to your machines and connect wirelessly, making installation quicker and easier. BKV Connect gateways help you bring together all this sensor data securely and centralize your communications. But the real power is in the BKV Beyond platform, which helps you fix faults faster with actionable insights.

Turn raw data into smarter decisions

BKV Beyond allows you to combine data from your sensors with data from other sources from across your business. We then use artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly analyze millions of datapoints from across your plant. It detects faults before they become a problem, identifies the root cause, and suggests a solution.

Every AI-suggested insight is reviewed by a qualified engineer, ensuring you get a diagnosis you can depend on. This means your maintenance teams can act with confidence, using BKV Beyond’s actionable insights to prevent unexpected outages, and only scheduling maintenance when it’s needed.

Embrace the future with ease

Don’t worry about complex update procedures or lengthy rollout projects. When you connect your machines with the BKV Beyond platform, Brüel & Kjær Vibro handles all system upgrades and critical security patches. What’s more, these updates are instantaneous and don’t interrupt your operations. Making it easier for you to stay protected and one step ahead of the competition.

Continuous improvement without limits

BKV Beyond doesn’t ever stop. The AI is always learning so it can better understand how you work to help prevent unplanned downtime. While Brüel & Kjær Vibro is continually upgrading the platform to offer new features. So as time goes on, the system will only become more useful. Helping you to fix faults even faster, so you can keep your machines moving.

Partner with a proven expert

BKV Beyond is the latest innovation from Brüel & Kjær Vibro, the world’s leading independent supplier of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery. With 80 years of experience in the industry, they’ve helped customers protect their assets from catastrophic failure, and plan their maintenance based on actual mechanical conditions.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro monitors nearly one-fifth of the world’s LNG production today. Its experts also help keep critical systems running for thermal, hydro, and wind power as well as general industry. The is no limit to what we can achieve, working together.

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