• Cost-effective analysis of sulphur, chlorine, metals, and other key elements in petroleum, fuel, lubricant and petrochemical samples

Analytical Instrumentation

Cost-effective analysis of sulphur, chlorine, metals, and other key elements in petroleum, fuel, lubricant and petrochemical samples

Feb 14 2024

Accurate elemental analysis is crucial for optimising the refining process, ensuring product quality, and complying with global regulatory requirements. EDXRF analysers provide a cost-effective solution for monitoring sulphur, chlorine, metals, and other critical elements in the petroleum and petrochemical sectors. The importance of reliable analytical instrumentation to obtain quick, high-quality results cannot be overstated.

Applied Rigaku Technologies offers a range of EDXRF analysers tailored to different budget levels. These analysers cover a spectrum of capabilities, from ultra-low and trace element concentrations to per cent levels, providing users with the flexibility to adapt their analyser to suit the various petroleum applications. The quantification of heavy elements in crude oil, determination of sulphur content in fuels, and analysis of multiple elements in lubricating oils are particularly key applications.

Rigaku EDXRF analysers eliminate the necessity for multiple single-element benchtops, providing users with enhanced analytical capabilities. The systems, including the NEX QC Series for routine quality control, the NEX DE for high throughput needs, and the NEX CG II Series for complex applications and research, offer labs the necessary precision and dependability for monitoring the key measurement parameters for their analytical tasks. These multi-element analysers enable simultaneous measurement of sulphur, chlorine, metals, and more in oils, fuels, lubricants, and used oil, providing users with the adaptability required for future applications.

Real-time process control is addressed through the NEX XT, facilitating total sulphur measurement in crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and highly viscous hydrocarbons. The NEX OL, designed for monitoring cobalt, manganese, and bromine catalysts in PTA and catalysts in liquid streams, is also an extremely valuable tool for real-time analysis.

Cost-effective and reliable elemental analysis can be achieved with the use of Applied Rigaku Technologies’ EDXRF analysers for addressing the complex requirements of the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and refining industries. The adaptability, affordability, and high-quality performance of these analysers position them as integral tools for achieving efficient and compliant elemental analysis across a broad range of applications.

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