• A cost-effective way to get valuable insights from your drill cuttings

Analytical Instrumentation

A cost-effective way to get valuable insights from your drill cuttings

Jun 18 2024

Elemental determination of drill cuttings at the wellsite provides valuable insights into the formation lithology and aids in improving the accuracy of geosteering the drill bit. On-site analysis using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) provides a cost-effective technique for mudlogging geologists. The data provided allows drillers to make quick and informed decisions during geosteering and drilling. Additionally, elemental analysis by EDXRF helps in the overall understanding of the well's geological profile.

EDXRF measures the elemental composition of various geological materials, making it an ideal tool for optimizing drilling efficiency and characterizing rock strata for well logging. Compared to other technologies, EDXRF analysers are inexpensive and offer flexibility and reliability for many screening and monitoring needs. When technicians and drilling engineers need a high-performance system to meet the varying demands, NEX QC+ QuantEZ is an excellent choice.

The Rigaku NEX QC+ QuantEZ is a compact benchtop EDXRF system combining superior performance capabilities with affordability. It provides rapid, non-destructive qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis of sodium (Na) through uranium (U) from low ppm to high weight percent concentrations. It addresses a wide range of needs while still suiting budgets and occupies only a small amount of space in the mobile lab or testing facility. For field use, a portable carrying case is also offered.

The design of NEX QC+ QuantEZ is backed by years of Rigaku innovation and is based on proven NEX QC Series technology. It has a 50 kV, 4 W X-ray tube, a silicon drift detector (SDD), multiple automated tube filters, and comes with powerful QuantEZ software. These key features deliver better analytical sensitivity, allowing you to measure and monitor almost any matrix and obtain reliable results.

With its multi-element, multi-application analysis capabilities, NEX QC+ QuantEZ offers plenty of versatility. This system, capable of standardless semi-quantitative analysis using Fundamental Parameters (FP), also dramatically reduces the number of standards needed to implement a high-quality calibration. This is especially useful when standards are difficult to obtain or for complex matrices where many elements vary independently. Moreover, you can easily create a Matching Library using one or more samples that have been characterized and assayed by a reference technique such as ICP. In this way, the FP model can be matched to site samples and referee results and provide fully quantified results. For additional performance details, read EDXRF 1769 Mud Logging Application Note.

QuantEZ software significantly lowers the cost of ownership and reduces workload requirements for running routine analyses. It is PC-based and can run on a notebook computer. This software has intuitive menu navigation and offers all the functions required for calibration and routine operation. It is user-friendly for non-technical operators yet sophisticated and powerful enough for experts. The simple flow bar interface walks you through the steps required, saving time and maximizing productivity. For high-throughput analysis needs, NEX QC+ QuantEZ also accommodates automatic sample changers.

Applied Rigaku Technologies offers a complete line of benchtop and process instruments for petroleum analysis applications. For more information, contact the company by email.

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