• Optimize Engine Vitality: Lyza 7000 at Your Service

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Optimize Engine Vitality: Lyza 7000 at Your Service

May 20 2024

Anton Paar announces the release of the new Lyza 7000 Used Oil Package, a highly advanced benchtop system offering new capabilities for oil oxidation monitoring. This Lyza 7000 system operates using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to provide ASTM-compliant measurements and customised methods, thereby offering an exceedingly efficient and dependable solution for condition monitoring of lubrication oils to uphold operational health and efficiency for machinery.

Oil oxidation monitoring is a crucial measurement parameter to ensure the maintenance and performance of industrial machinery. Anton Paar’s Lyza 7000 tracks oil condition accurately and reliably, thereby enabling the prevention of damage and consistent machinery operation. This device operates in accordance to ASTM E2412 and features a 100 µm transmission cell with ZnSe window material and integrated fringe correction for precise analysis.

The Lyza 7000's compliance with various ASTM standards, which includes direct trending and spectral subtraction, provides end-users with a versatile device suited to an extensive range of applications. It boasts a highly durable design that includes hermetically-enclosed optical components for consistently precise and reliable analysis. Moreover, the Lyza 7000's internal monitoring function has been designed to detect and address potential issues early enough to enable operators to react to any potential problems.

Anton Paar designed the Lyza 7000 to facilitate streamlined FTIR analysis; it includes an intuitive and user-friendly software interface with touch-based application and guided workflows, which have been structured to enable accurate analysis with ease allowing operators to perform analyses with a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

The new Lyza 7000 further highlights Anton Paar's ongoing effort to provide practical, innovative solutions for the oil condition monitoring sector, and help customers maintain optimal performance levels for their machinery, and reduce the probability of unscheduled and costly downtime.

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