• Anton Paar’s SVM 1X01 Series Viscometers: Accurate Kinematic Viscosity and Density Measurements

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Anton Paar’s SVM 1X01 Series Viscometers: Accurate Kinematic Viscosity and Density Measurements

May 15 2024

Anton Paar’s new SVM 1X01 series of entry-level viscometers, including the SVM 1001, SVM 1001 Simple Fill, and SVM 1101 Simple Fill, was designed to provide precise automatic determination of kinematic viscosity as per ASTM D7042  - in the case of the SVM 1001 & SVM 1001 Simple Fill models, and density as per ASTM D4052 along with fast viscosity results using the SVM 1101 Simple Fill. The new series enables technicians to swap manual techniques for entry-level digital viscosity and density measurements. The new series covers a wide viscosity range of 0.3 mm²/s to 3,000 mm²/s[1] and a density range of 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³, with operational temperatures from 15 °C to 100 °C, thereby ensuring the series' suitability across various materials, especially for use in the petroleum industry for quality assurance purposes.

The highly durable SVM 1X01 series features a robust metal measuring cell that is designed for extensive use. The instrument’s integrated Peltier temperature control eliminates the need for a thermostating bath and bath liquid, or a separate thermometer. In addition, the SVM 1X01 series provides a 150% higher throughput and consumes 95 % less energy and 75 % less solvent in comparison to conventional, manual glass capillary systems; the Simple Fill models can even be used without a syringe, the user just pours the sample into the funnel.

The portable SVM 1X01 series viscometers can be powered by batteries, making them the ideal companion for rapid onsite testing outside the lab, for example: at filling lines or anywhere else where there is a need for oil condition monitoring.

Anton Paar's SVM 1X01 series offers extremely efficient and dependable instruments for measuring the kinematic viscosity or density of samples from the petroleum industry, with complete compliance to more than 50 international standards.

[1] 1,000 mm2/s for SVM 1101 Simple Fill

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