• Karl Fischer Titrator Offers Fast and Precise Water Content Determination

Analytical Instrumentation

Karl Fischer Titrator Offers Fast and Precise Water Content Determination

Jan 11 2008

Grabner Instruments (Austria) introduces Minihyd, a versatile and easy to operate coloumetric KF Titrator for determining the water content of crude oil and other petroleum products, of liquids, gases and powders.

Measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce the required amount of iodine, Minihyd uses an absolute technique thus giving very accurate results on the water content of samples within minutes. Minihyd conforms to all major industry standards for the determination of water content in crude oils, petroleum products, insulating oils and gases, such as ASTM D 1533, D 4928 and D 6304, IP 386 and 438, IEC/BS EN 60814, API MPMS Chapter 10.9 and ISO 10101-3, 10337 and 12937.

Using the patented ACE control system Minihyd guarantees that electrolysis current and count rate are synchronized, avoiding regular checks with standards and thus increasing overall sample turnover. Small, with built-in printer, built-in battery and an optional carry case, Minihyd fits perfectly in the routine laboratory and fulfills all requirements for field or offshore use.

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