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LIMS Configuration - the essential ingredient for successful implementations Presented at PEFTEC 2015

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The sheer volume and diversity of monitoring and testing needed in the Petrochemical and Environmental industries means that the management of data can be a nightmare. Whether for research & development or production, the rigorous testing and tracking of samples to guarantee standards, quality assurance and adherence to industry and government regulations is of paramount importance.

To keep on top of their game, and keep up with demand, analysis laboratories need to continuously improve efficiency and reduce costs all the while ensuring results can be trusted. New instruments, improved sampling processes and changing regulations also mean that the modern analysis laboratory must constantly evolve. In order to cope with these demands the industry has adopted Laboratory Information Management Solutions (LIMS) but many of these solutions have proven too 'fixed' for Petrochemical and Environmental industries, and struggle to keep up with changing requirements. 

In this presentation, presented at PEFTEC 2015, Autoscribe Informatics presents the latest developments in LIMS. Next generation LIMS solutions are built to be future-proof, allowing users themselves to modify everything about the LIMS. The workflows and screens each team member sees, test results captured and test limits to be checked, the management reports generated, and much more can be customised by the laboratory themselves.

As an example of a next generation LIMS solution, the Matrix Gemini LIMS will be demonstrated showing two important aspects: Firstly that the "out-of-the-box" solution already meets many of the needs of modern Petrochemical and Environmental Laboratories, and secondly that it may be easily updated by the user using Autoscribe Informatics OneTime™ graphical configuration tool in order to instantly make further changes as needs arise. 

The presentation will conclude discussing how modern LIMS solutions are deployed, cloud-based or local, and how they are used with either web or desktop interfaces. User examples will demonstrate how typical laboratories setup and use LIMS solutions to meet industry and regulatory needs as well as their own internal quality assurance/control and management processes.

This presentation will arm attendees with key generic takeaways about next generation laboratory information management solutions that are applicable to a wide range of Petrochemical and Environmental Laboratories. In today's world the need for laboratories to store, retrieve and manipulate data in a timely fashion to demonstrate compliance, protect their business and drive growth, all under immense cost pressures, has never been greater.

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