• A new approach to natural gas analysis combines unparalleled precision and simplicity of operation in the harshest industrial environments

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A new approach to natural gas analysis combines unparalleled precision and simplicity of operation in the harshest industrial environments

May 22 2023

If you need reliable and accurate gas analysis in demanding conditions and explosive atmospheres, the T1000 Natural Gas Analyser, developed by Tunable AS, stands tall as an ideal solution. This cutting-edge instrument offers unparalleled monitoring capabilities, ensuring continuous assessment of fuel gas quality and composition. Engineered to excel in the harshest of industrial environments, the T1000 analyser provides operators with superior performance with unwavering reliability in comparison to traditional GC-based methods. It provides industries with real-time gas analysis data, accessible online, while enabling seamless remote monitoring and servicing.

The T1000 analyser's true prowess lies in its ability to effortlessly tackle complex operations while delivering precise and dependable measurements. Specifically designed for the quantification of gas quality in Boil-off Gas (BoG), fuel metering, engine control, and process control, this compact device uses the latest advancements in optical spectroscopy. At the heart of the T1000 analyser lies Tunable's proprietary MEMS technology, which hearlds a new era of flameless detection. With no moving parts or need for consumables, this innovative and highly advanced technology offers real-time gas composition analysis as well as with crucial data such as calorific value, Wobbe index, methane number, and more. By using the power of infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy, the T1000 natural gas analyser takes gas measurement to unprecedented heights. The adoption of this optical measurement method ensures remarkable longevity, stability, and minimal maintenance requirements. Gone are the days of dealing with consumables such carrier or calibration gases. As a testament to its longevity, the T1000 analyser features an ultra-stable IR source, guaranteed to last over a decade, eliminating the necessity for bulb replacement. By employing the direct measurement approach of infrared absorption spectroscopy, the T1000 provides swift response times and delivers real-time, highly accurate data, enabling efficient and effective process optimisation.

In summary, the T1000 Natural Gas Analyser redefines the landscape of gas analysis. With its state-of-the-art features, it empowers industries to operate seamlessly in demanding conditions. The marriage of precision, reliability, and remote monitoring capabilities make the T1000 a must-have for any organization seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of gas analysis.

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