• World’s first hands-free, voice-controlled thermal camera

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World’s first hands-free, voice-controlled thermal camera

Nov 08 2022

RealWear have rapidly built a reputation for their pioneering approach to improving industrial operational efficiency with their cutting-edge solutions such as the RealWear NavigatorTM Series headsets. featuring radiometric FLIR Lepton®. This is the only device that supports MSX® technology facilitating operators to carry out inspections, improve remote support sessions and minimise costly and frustrating equipment downtime with the use of simple voice commands.

Rama Oruganti, Chief Product Officer at RealWear  stated, “RealWear Navigator head-mounted devices, with its revolutionary modular design, continues to gain support as the new gold standard in assisted reality. The compelling option to add thermal image capture without occupying your hands in hazardous environments gives frontline professionals more real-time information to do their jobs safely and productively. By combining Teledyne FLIR’s thermal expertise with RealWear’s best-in-class voice-driven wearables through its Thermal by FLIR program, we’re creating a digital tool with extended capabilities for the modern frontline worker.”

The images can be viewed in real time and will soon be adapted to be shared through platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex Expert on Demand. The device is compatible with FLIR’s ecosystem, the special radiometric JPEG format images can be stored, sent and downloaded for use in conjunction with the FLIR Thermal Studio post-processing software for significantly enhanced analysis and reporting options.

According to Dan Jarvis, Senior. Director Business Development at Teledyne FLIR. “RealWear Navigator 500 is the only hands-free system to currently incorporate the FLIR Lepton and patented MSX technology, which overlays the live edge detail from the visible camera on the thermal image to provide critical information.”

Important applications of RealWear Navigator with thermal imaging includes process or line monitoring where a connected hands-free device improves flexibility, safety, and efficiency to optimise plant production as well as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC inspections along with initial installation readiness.

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