• Thermal camera system for range tracking, target signature, and science applications in harsh environments

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Thermal camera system for range tracking, target signature, and science applications in harsh environments

May 06 2022

The new FLIR RS6780 long-range radiometric infrared (IR) camera system is Teledyne FLIR’s solution for range tracking, target signature outdoor and scientific applications in the harshest of industrial environments. The FLIR RS6780 combines a full-feature, radiometric infrared camera, with a metric zoom lens that optimises pixel density on target to provide advanced radiometric measurements, such as radiant intensity sealed within an IP65-rated enclosure and includes continuous zoom and a motorised 3-position filter wheel. 

These units can be factory-calibrated to enable thermography applications up to 3000°C. Operators can switch focal range from the standard 50 mm – 250 mm to up to 150 mm – 750 mm, to get the most pixels on target and cover unique field applications and tests with an unprecedented level of precision with an optional 3x zoom afocal lens attachment. This light-weight, small format camera can detect the smallest of temperature differences from a long distance and is simple to integrate thanks to its multiple connectivity and software options

The FLIR RS6780’s cutting-edge lens system offers immediate, frame-by-frame precise focal position details to facilitate factory or custom calibrations for thermography and radiometry applications; this includes Time Space Position Information (TSPI) data collection. This highly portable device can be used as a stand-alone unit or it can be integrated, via the FLIR Science Camera SDK, into larger testing systems. 

The variety of connection and video inputs and outputs on the camera, including IRIG , SDI digital, and sync out/in gives operators opens the door to higher speed and quality video feeds for supporting modern tracking and video systems. The RS6780’s tri-level sync feature enables end-users to sync the frame capture of the IR camera to other types of video output, for example: visible or ultraviolet, even if the other cameras do not have a sync out/in option.

This unit also has a lock-in capability, making it the perfect choice for trigger -in and non-destructive testing applications. Along with Gigabit Ethernet compatibility, the CoaXPress high-speed bus feature provides Gigabit Ethernet compatibility and more ruggedised and economical cable runs compared to fibre optic. 

Thermal data can be streamed directly to a computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux, as well as for post processing and analysis, this camera is also compatible with FLIR’s Research Studio software.

The RS6780 gives users access to low-level detector settings and RAW data, allowing them to carry out high quality, custom radiometric measurements across an estimated 327,000 data points per frame, to create defensible data as part of R&D projects.

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