• New acoustic imaging camera models launched for partial discharge and compressed air leak detection

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New acoustic imaging camera models launched for partial discharge and compressed air leak detection

Oct 14 2021

Teledyne FLIR have recently expanded their acoustic imaging range with the launch of two new models of the Si124 Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera. FLIR have designed the Si124-LD specifically for compressed air leak detection, while the new Si124-PD is made for partial discharge detection within high voltage electrical systems. This new cameras offer even more, tailored solutions for a wide variety of operators’ needs, whether used for utility infrastructure or in industrial locations, at a low price. 

Both new models feature user-friendly onboard analytics offering access to an online portal via FLIR’s Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud service. The software enables end-users to carry out quick diagnostics tasks as well as performing deeper analysis. With access to such data, Si124-PD operators can determine the gravity of partial discharges in and around high voltage equipment, thus enhancing electrical grids’ reliability. Similarly, the Si124-LD assists operators in determining the seriousness of compressed air leaks, which could lead to significant reductions in energy costs. 

“The FLIR Si124 acoustic imaging family of cameras provides for more precise issue detection by offering an unrivalled number of integrated microphones with improved microphone signal-to-noise ratio as well as a top detection frequency of 35 kHz to help users further pinpoint problem areas,” said Rob Milner, Global Business Development Manager – Condition Monitoring, Teledyne FLIR. “The Si124-PD and LD editions features the same robust artificial intelligence software capabilities of the Si124, but are customised to provide a more economical option for particular uses, such as locating corona at a utility substation or compressed air leaks in a factory setting. Taken together, the family of Si124 devices can help reduce inspection times up to 10x versus traditional methods.” 

Partial Discharge Detection
The Si124-PD offers an automatic electrical fault classification for partial discharge scenarios, this includes surface, discharge, floating discharge, as well as discharge into air. With the Partial Discharge Severity Assessment software, operators can input the type of component, the equipment’s voltage, and distance from the component to obtain a severity assessment specifically according to those parameters. The PD Severity Discharge software is part of FLIR’s Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud software. 

Operators can also safely detect problems from distances of up to 130 meters/430 feet with the capability to operate the instrument with one hand. They can also simply review the images on-screen, even in sunny or light, outdoor conditions. 

Compressed Air Leak Detection 
The new Si124-LD includes real-time, on-device leak sizing and cost analytics, enabling operators to immediately see the leak rate on-screen as it happens, either in litres per minute or cubic feet per minute, and to quantify the size of the leak. This feature offers a rapid appraisal of the amount of air being lost and approximate cost savings generated by solving the problem. By incorporating the Si124-LD as part of a regular maintenance program, organisations can prolong the life and efficiency of their compressors and reduce the need to deploy 1/2 new units whilst reducing energy costs.

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