• Real time oil analysis using Mid-IR portable spectrometers.

Measurement and Testing

Real time oil analysis using Mid-IR portable spectrometers.

Aug 21 2018

Spectrolytic has developed a robust, low cost, mid Infra-Red spectrometer, based on ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) principles, for the precision measurement of industrial oil condition and aging.

Industrial oils used in engines (automotive, marine, biogas), gearboxes (wind turbines) and hydraulic systems, contain a base oil and a complex mixture of additives to enhance the oil’s lifetime, lubrication and application properties.

The spectrometer, that can either be laboratory based or a field-use battery powered ‘lab-in-the-Box’ Unit, allows the customer to accurately determine key parameters used to monitor the general condition and aging of their oil.

By measuring the mid infra-red absorption spectra of the oil, and comparing to a calibration file, various properties of the oil like TAN (Total Acid Number), TBN (Total Base Number), ipH, metallic levels, oxidation, nitration, sulphation, water and soot are measured to give the customer a complete picture of their oil condition.

A sample measurement takes approximately 60s and Spectrolytic’s powerful software platform, SphinxSuite, allows the user to easily view a colour coded pass/fail classification of the oil sample and/or running process control information on the oil.

For higher volume applications, Spectrolytic offers an inline Transmission device and customised multi-channel sensor (MIRS8) that allows in-situ, real-time process control of the oil parameter(s) the customer wishes to control. These devices can be readily fitted into existing equipment and pipework and theSphinxSuite software platform allows complete device automation in order to capture the required data.

Spectrolytic’s customers are using their products successfully to allow superior equipment preventative maintenance plans whilst reducing conventional laboratory costs associated with oil condition monitoring.

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