• New On-Line Analyser Able to Directly Monitor Kinematic Viscosity at Reference Temperature

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New On-Line Analyser Able to Directly Monitor Kinematic Viscosity at Reference Temperature

Apr 25 2016

Sofraser’s (France) Thermoset-KV is a powerful online analyser specially designed to directly measure kinematic viscosity at reference temperature. The measurement principle is based on the vibration at resonance frequency technology developed and patented by Sofraser in 1981. The active part of the measurement is a vibrating rod driven by constant electrical power. The amplitude and the frequency vary according to kinematic viscosity.

Compared to other technologies available on the market, the Thermoset-KV is the only analyser able to directly monitor kinematic viscosity and to provide measures in cSt (up to 500 cSt). Matched with 9731 electronics, the analyser provides an intuitive interface (touchscreen display, virtual keyboard).

With its hazardous area approved design, the Thermoset-KV is really simple to install close to the main process flow line, directly on an existing secondary sampling loop or even on a fast loop. Designed to prevent clogging, it requires minimal extra-installation. The analyser uses a flow-cell that is maintained at reference temperature and in which the product flows along the sensor. Direct kinematic viscosity is then measured in real time on the same product, at the same time and with the same instrument.

In compliance with Oil & Gas industries requirements, the Sofraser’s viscosity analyser is directly correlated to ASTM D445. It affords efficient analysis and monitoring of a single control point (one target viscosity point at one reference temperature) while maximising return on investment.

Sofraser’s Thermoset-KV is specially designed for kinematic viscosity at reference temperature monitoring of various petroleum products such as crude oils, heavy and light fuel blends, visbreaking etc. Through its various models of analysers, Sofraser offers a solution for any application.

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