• Boosting Efficiency at Gatwick Fuel Farm with Intelligent Actuator Upgrade
    An IQ3 actuator on site at a Gatwick tank farm

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Boosting Efficiency at Gatwick Fuel Farm with Intelligent Actuator Upgrade

Aug 03 2023

In a significant advancement for Gatwick Airport's fuel infrastructure, Rotork has played a crucial role in upgrading and modernizing the main fuel tank farm, GASHCo. By implementing Rotork's cutting-edge IQ3 intelligent actuators on the Pakscan™ control network, Gatwick has taken a significant step towards minimising downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Having relied on Rotork products for over three decades, GASHCo recognised the need to address potential obsolescence issues associated with their older equipment. Understanding the risks of unplanned downtime due to the unavailability of spare parts for the outdated actuators, Gatwick decided to act proactively and upgrade 24 actuators while also incorporating them into their maintenance agreement.

Rotork's team of expert service engineers meticulously carried out the installation, ensuring the highest standards were met, and providing GASHCo with the reassurance of a job well done.

The upgrade to the IQ3 intelligent actuators offers numerous benefits, including enhanced uptime, increased reliability, and reduced operational costs. The proven track record of reliability and efficiency demonstrated by Rotork's older IQMk1 and A range actuators made the decision to upgrade an obvious choice.

The newly installed IQ3 actuators are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including the capability to capture performance data through an integrated data logger, accurate position and torque sensing, and standard integral controls. Their low whole-life cost and exceptional reliability ensure minimal disruption to operations.

For seamless network control, Gatwick opted for the bespoke Pakscan system. This advanced control system enables remote operation of up to 240 valve actuators through a simple single twisted pair data highway, eliminating the need for hardwired heavy multicore cables.

With the upgrade now complete, Gatwick Airport can look forward to reducing unplanned downtime and the assurance of a full suite of readily available spares. The integration of Rotork's intelligent actuators and Pakscan system represents a significant leap towards a more efficient and reliable fuel farm operation at one of the UK's busiest airports.

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