• World class range of instrumentation adapted to any petroleum lab or plant – anywhere in the world
    The S-Value Analyzer from ROFA France

Measurement and Testing

World class range of instrumentation adapted to any petroleum lab or plant – anywhere in the world

Jan 21 2022

ROFA France have been creating cutting-edge analytical instrumentation solutions, as well as providing an ever-expanding range of customised reference materials, tailored to the needs of the oil, petroleum and refining sectors for over 25 years. 

The cornerstone of ROFA’s success is their focus on providing outstanding after-sales technical support. ROFA have worked alongside customers in labs, production sites and plants all over the world to ensure that, not only does the end-user have the best training to operate the instrumentation, but also that all of the individual needs of the customer are met. Decades of this kind of experience have made ROFA adept at meeting the stringent requirements they need to achieve and they have also learnt a lot about overcoming difficulties posed at different location, in all conditions – anywhere in the world.

ROFA do not only train customers how to maximise the performance of their instruments, they also adapt their instruments to fit the needs of their individual customers. ROFA is ISO 9001 certified and their production is in compliance of ISO 17034 and associated ISO Guides 31, 34 and 35. 

The latest addition to ROFA’s state-of the-art range of instrumentation products is the S-Value Analyzer for fuels stability determination according to ASTM D 7157.

Certified reference materials for the petroleum and biofuel related sectors

What are CRMs? 
Certified reference materials are used in quality management systems in laboratory accreditation within the criteria of national and international accreditation/certification standards that need metrological traceability to Certified Reference Materials when using reference materials for calibration of analytical instrumentation.

So...what are reference materials? A reference material is a material or substance with certain properties that are sufficiently homogenous and well defined to allow them to be used for calibration of a device, evaluation of a measurement method or attribution of values to materials

ROFA France’s leading range of CRMs are widely used within the ‘petro’ markets for analytical performance, metrology, calibration, fitting and verification, quality control, checking the application of standard methods, design, development and validation of new analytical devices and methods.

Looking ahead to a greener world ROFA France have made a conscious decision to adapt their operations to embrace our planet’s fight against climate change. ROFA’s vehicles are already powered by biofuels – and they are constantly aiming to minimise their carbon footprint. ROFA France also offers CRMs for biofuels as part of its extensive range.

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