• Facing the Challenge of Today`s In-process Temperature Measurement

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Facing the Challenge of Today`s In-process Temperature Measurement Requirements

Aug 12 2008

Okazaki Manufacturing Company (UK) is one of the largest independent
manufacturers of temperature measurement hardware, offering
standard solutions with a full design and engineering network to provide full bespoke assemblies. When required this gives the opportunity to supply all aspects of today`s industrial requirements.
Within today`s refinery environment there is a need for higher accuracy,
balanced with extended life in service driven by the process conditions and period between heater turnaround, it is becoming increasingly critical to measure the true tube metal temperature within the fired heater, to ensure there is no tube failure.
The direct temperature measurement of the heater tube is the best method of achieving this, and the use of a tube skin thermocouple, if selected correctly for the individual application, meets this
need adequately.
There are four main factors of consideration that should be addressed
when selecting the correct thermocouple. Firstly the hazardous area selected for usage of the sensor, secondly how movement and expansion of the heater tubes can be compensated, thirdly the life in service dependent on what fuel is being fired, and lastly the accuracy which is required. Okazaki have solved all these questions and designed a
standard tube skin thermocouple which can be manufactured to accommodate
all the permutations of today`s heater configurations with the Fan Tip
Thermocouple. Point 1 can be supplied to suit all hazardous area classifications.
ATEX Eexia IIC T4, Eexde IIC T6, EExnA II T4, FM Certified for Class 1 Div 1. Point 2 can be supplied suitable for on-site cold bending including expansion coils to take up all tube and heater movement.
Point 3 can be supplied with various sheath materials suitable for Gas, Fuel Oil or Heavy Fuel Oil firing. Point 4: the unique fan tip thermocouple head gives a +4°C temperature reading of the TMT required.

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