• New Moisture in Liquid EExd Certified On-line Analyser

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New Moisture in Liquid EExd Certified On-line Analyser

Nov 13 2008

Liquidew EExd from Michell Instruments (UK) is a purpose designed flameproof certified solution to on-line continuous moisture measurement for petrochemical liquid applications.
The instrument is designed to be wholly installed in the hazardous area, so simplifying site installation and retrofits. Moisture content is determined in part per million by weight (ppmw) through Henry`s Law calculation. The method utilizes the measured dew point temperature,
the liquid temperature and values from a pre-programmed extensive list of saturation concentration data for a variety of petrochemical liquids. For cases where customised liquid characteristics data are required, they can be entered quickly and easily by the user.
Liquidew EExd is certified as flameproof for use in IEC Zone 1 and 2/NEC Class 1 Div. 1 and 2 hazardous areas. The Main unit (electronics and sensor) together with the associated sampling system may be mounted at a convenient location next to the pipeline or process with liquid sample and process return connections.
The Liquidew EExd moisture in liquid analyser is available in one or two channel versions. Best practise in sample handling and conditioning is achieved by the Premium Sampling Systems offered to complete the comprehensive factory built analyser package.
Liquidew EExd utilizes the Michell Ceramic Moisture Sensor with integrated temperature measurement, offering proven reliability and performance with numerous installations in natural gas or petrochemical applications.
The moisture in liquid analyser offers a complete measurement range capability from low trace moisture below 1 ppmw up to the saturation concentration specific to the fluid being measured and the analysis temperature.
The advanced firmware of Liquidew EExd provides moisture measurements in ppmw through the application of Henry`s Law using pre-programmed saturation concentration (Cs) values for the most common pure hydrocarbon liquid applications. (Hexane, n-Propane, Benzene, Propylene etc). For applications with complex mixture fluids, customers can enter their own Cs values from their own sources.

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