• New quadrupole analysers for vacuum process analysis

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New quadrupole analysers for vacuum process analysis

Apr 21 2022

The HPR-30 Series bolt-on vacuum process analysers from Hiden Analytical were designed to give users a rapid response and highly precise analysis of gases and vapours. Hiden’s multi-level software package is integrated into this system to simplify complex data manipulation and the operation and control of mass spectrometry parameters and external devices. The standard mass range is 200 amu, with versions offering up to 1000 amu available. The versatile HPR-30 can be used for a variety of applications such as analysis of high mass species and precursor monitoring in ALD and MOCVD, leak detection and contamination monitoring.

There is also the option of upgrading the system to feature Hiden’s 3F Series triple filter quadrupole system to improve abundance sensitivity, provide part-per-billion (ppb) detection and high contamination resistance – this is an ideal combination for analysis aggressive gases in CVD and RIE applications.

The HPR-30 Series offers multiple sampling configurations to enable a full range of process pressure and vacuum system geometry options. A variety of models are available -  with single, or multiple sampling inlets, either unheated or heated to enable the sampling of volatile species.

Systems are offered cart mounted, with height adjustment for optimal compatibility between tools. For pulsed deposition processes, time resolved measurements are offered to 50 ns time resolution.

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