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Research Grade Mass Spectrometer System

Apr 04 2011

Algae-based biofuels such as biodiesel or bioethanol, have significant advantages over crop-based biofuels. Algae grow at a significantly faster rate than more complex plants, they have far greater yield per unit area and they can be grown in compact, closed systems. One further advantage is the short lifespan and hence a faster cycle of testing and research into suitable biofuel candidates. It is this testing phase that benefits from Hiden’s
dissolved species analyser, the HPR-40.

The Hiden (UK) HPR-40 research-grade mass spectrometer system provides for real-time analysis of dissolved gases and vapours in aqueous solutions such as respiratory gases and hydrocarbon production. All gaseous species with molecular weights below 300 amu can be measured.

The HPR-40 system is fully programmable with simultaneous multiple species monitoring capability. An optional multiport inlet manifold extends the application range allowing sequential measurement from up to eight sampling points. The HPR-40 is ideally suited to this fermentation culture analysis as well as having other applications such as gaseous and volatile organic species monitoring in media such as sea water and soils, and evolved gas studies from microbiological systems. A custom-design service is available for evaluation of non-standard requirements.

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