• PACE6000 Offers Improved Precision, Control Performance and Long-Term Stability

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PACE6000 Offers Improved Precision, Control Performance and Long-Term Stability

Jul 21 2010

The PACE6000 pneumatic pressure controller is the latest addition to the PACE generation of high precision, modular pressure calibration instrumentation from GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies. It is particularly distinguished by its dual range configuration that enables simultaneous dual output, cost-effectively offering two high accuracy instruments within a single enclosure. With its high precision, high speed and long-term stability, the PACE6000 has been designed for critical applications throughout the industrial spectrum, from aerospace to healthcare, from power generation to sensor manufacture and from transportation to the process sector.

As Mark Singleton, product manager at GE, explains, “The PACE6000 is the second in our family of modular, pressure test and calibration instruments to be introduced, following the PACE5000 which was launched in 2008. Although both products serve similar industrial sectors, the PACE5000 has been aimed at customers wanting a more entry-level product with single range capability, while the PACE6000 offers greater accuracy and dual range capabilities to customers requiring this increased level of performance. The PACE platform is being developed to provide a complete solution to meet a range of specific needs.”

The new PACE 6000 is based on the field-proven and highly reliable Druck DPI 515 platform but incorporates full digital control, the latest generation of piezo-resistive sensors and pulse width modulation control valves which provide a market-leading control stability of 10ppm and high slew rate. It offers split screen or single screen display and simultaneous dual output in a wide combination of pressure ranges from 25 mbar to 210 bar. Optional configurations support auto-ranging across both ranges to a common test port, providing superior accuracy and maximum performance. Designed primarily for 19 inch rack systems, the PACE6000 is equally at home as a bench top instrument and is ideal for integration into automated processes, where fast and accurate pressure control is required, such as automatic and accurate calibration of pressure switches and automatic leak test measurement.

As with all instruments in the PACE family, the new controller features a unique modular design which allows users to enjoy quick and easy parts replacement and fast change-over of one or both pressure control modules. This increases flexibility and significantly reduces instrument downtime, as there is no need for recalibration after change-over. Modularity also means that calibration laboratories now need carry fewer instruments and instrument components, so reducing the cost of ownership.

The PACE 6000 comes with a range of options including analogue output, volt-free contacts and burst test in addition to the switch test, leak test and test program previously featured on PACE5000. Operating and set-up menus can be provided in any language and future developments will include an Aero option for the calibration of aeronautical instrumentation.

For more information, visit www.gesensinginspection.com

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