• Highly advanced ultrasonic flow metering technology provides a new level of precision and efficiency to industrial processing applications

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Highly advanced ultrasonic flow metering technology provides a new level of precision and efficiency to industrial processing applications

Mar 18 2024

Precise and flexible flow measurement technology is a key component at industrial processing plants. Industrial processes need to be run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, so precise flow data is key to developing and optimising each process, especially for companies who need to regularly change mediums in batch reactors.  A highly reputable processing engineering organisation has recently highlighted the manyfold advantages of using clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters at their technical centre.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement involves mounting ultrasonic transducers to the outside of the pipeline being monitored. Ultrasonic waves are emitted through the pipe and the medium within and measures the flow rate by calculating the time taken for the sound waves to travel with and against the direction of flow. Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are therefore the perfect solution for measuring the flow of abrasive, corrosive and viscous fluids because the sensor and the medium never come into direct contact.

The company which carried out this study designs and develops a customised test system suited to each customer’s unique process. Therefore, they need to test a wide variety of different liquids, with varying ranges of viscosity and levels of corrosiveness.

One of the more challenging applications was to produce an oligomer in a batch-operated heated reactor. Precise flow measurement was crucial and yet complex because the medium’s levels of viscosity and density increased over the process’ cycle. The company worked with a filed sales engineer from Flexim to overcome this problematic application, who supplied them with a portable ultrasonic flowmeter and a thorough explanation on how to operate it.

Flexim’s flowmeter ticked all the boxes. This non-intrusive device completely avoided direct contact with the medium thereby significantly reducing the risk of wear and damage caused by corrosive or viscous liquids. With its high measurement dynamics, the flowmeter provided the requisite accuracy to monitor even the lowest of liquid flow and velocity rates, which was crucial to enabling the operator to precisely control experimental processes. Setting up measuring points was easy and the transmitter’s internal substance database enabled it to adapt quickly to different types of media. In addition, the end user was able to create bespoke data sets for each specific medium, which enhanced the measurement accuracy considerably.

The company was so impressed they bought the flowmeter! A stationary system featuring highly sophisticated digital communications was soon delivered and they can now monitor and record flow rates with confidence and precision and obtain a complete overview of the reaction process.

Flexim’s clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter has proven to be a precise, versatile and dependable instrument and it has made a significant contribution to the efficiency and safety of this complex industrial process.  

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