• Groundbreaking Portable FT-IR Spectrometers

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Groundbreaking Portable FT-IR Spectrometers

Jan 17 2008

A2 Technologies LLC (USA), introduces the revolutionary Mobility Series of FT-IR spectrometers. Developed for use in the field, these portable,
rugged spectrometers are purpose-built to move FTIR spectroscopy out of the conventional analytical laboratory and closer to the source of the sample. Consisting of three systems, the MLp, the ML and the MLx, the intuitive Mobility series has been designed to survive in rugged environments and be operated with little to no training by the user. This combination of ruggedization and simplicity of use makes it an ideal real-time process monitoring tool for the petrochemical industry, lubrication condition monitoring, food analysis and mining applications.
Featuring an intuitive operating system and easy-to-use sample interface, the rugged and compact design of the A2 Technologies
spectrometers provide users with actionable information so that decisions can be made on-the-spot. The Mobility Series FT-IR spectrometers incorporate two new diamond based sampling systems, one utilizing the principle of internal reflection and the other features a completely new type of transmission cell. Between these two diamond-based systems, a broad range of liquids, solids, oils, gels and pastes can be easily analyzed.
A2 Technologies’ innovative portable FT-IR spectrometers offer a breakthrough in FT-IR analysis, extending the capabilities of traditional lab-based analyses by delivering accurate and precise information more efficiently. The portability of these analyzers significantly reduces the need to send samples to a remote laboratory, alleviating the problems associated with sample throughput and
minimizing bottlenecks. By enabling analytical information to be obtained in real-time, these innovative spectrometers allow for instant results which is highly critical for cost savings, particularly
in manufacturing processes.

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