• Level measurement with the level best of integrated security ensures peace of mind from the latest cyber threats

Level Measurement

Level measurement with the level best of integrated security ensures peace of mind from the latest cyber threats

Oct 02 2023

The VEGAPULS 6X radar sensor may appear ordinary but looks are often deceptive.  The VEGAPULS arrives, with the requisite documentation, fitting snugly into its tailored package which, at the end of the packaging line, gets its label for shipping. Whether it is being sent to a water treatment plant in Germany, a petrochemical facility in Singapore, or a foundry in Poland; what arrives at the final destination is completely different from all other level measurement instruments on the market. For the first time ever, The VEGAPULS 6X is the only sensor that comes with integrated, cyber protection. This unique feature was developed to comply with Industrial Cyber Security Standard IEC 62443-4-2 and therefore meets the highest standards currently being implemented in the process industries. “Being able to use secure measurement data at all times is now one of the most important requirements of our customers; we hear this from customers in almost every industrial sector.” commented Florian Burgert, Team Leader of Product Management at VEGA who was involved in concept and development of the VEGAPULS 6X universal level sensor from the very start.

For bona fide security, not only does the entire production system need to be secure, but also each and every component; everything has to comply with the latest, stringent cyber security standards. Plant operators want instruments that they can rely on to avoid the latest threats. VEGA will not be sitting back and relaxing, having developed one instrument in compliance with IEC 62443. Guided by their experience of attaining certification for VEGAPULS 6X, the company will develop its future products in accordance with all existing security criteria right from the very beginning and constantly expand and enhance protective measures to ensure a reliable basis for future, secure plant operations.

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