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Gas Mixer for "Pieter Schelte"

Jul 08 2012

WITT Gas (Germany) announces an extraordinary project: The company will supply the gas mixing technology for the "Pieter Schelte," the largest working ship currently in construction.

The systems are intended for the major welding facilities on board the special ship which cost 1.3 billion euros to build. The "Pieter Schelte" is set to be launched in 2013 after three years of construction at DSME in South Korea. The ship, being built for the Swiss Allseas Group, will have a striking profile at 1250 feet in length and 383 in width. In terms of size, it will surpass the "Solitaire", until now the largest ship of this type.

Besides loading drilling decks, the main tasks of the "Pieter Schelte" will include the laying of oil and gas pipelines. Steel pipes up to 68 inches in diameter will be welded in succession on board and lowered onto the seabed. “The welding technology is a key function on the ship," confirms WITT Sales Manager Martin Bender. "The decision to opt for our technology will help ensure a reliable and efficient working result.”

Witt gas blenders and analysers will supply the numerous welding stations with mixed gas comprising argon, carbon dioxide and helium.

Gas mixing and analysis systems from WITT ensure an effective gas supply at the highest technological level in many other applications as well – in metalworking or glassmaking, the food industry and laser technology.

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