• Obtaining Hydrogen from organic waste

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Obtaining Hydrogen from organic waste

Apr 11 2023

The UK Government's Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) under the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded the University of Aberdeen's School of Engineering £220,000 in funding for a new project. The project aims to create a process for obtaining hydrogen from organic waste as part of the energy transition. The process involves the conversion of organic matter in food waste, manure, wastewater and other biodegradable wastes into hydrogen, which can be used to power homes and businesses on a commercial scale.

Led by Professor Davide Dionisi from the School of Engineering, the project involves leading academics from the University's Department of Chemistry, Cranfield University in England, and the University of Verona in Italy as partners. The team will use a combination of biological, thermochemical and electrochemical stages to convert organic matter into hydrogen.

Professor Dionisi explained that the project would adopt an innovative process consisting of four main reaction stages, including dark fermentation, anaerobic digestion, plasma reforming and steam gasification. By scaling up and integrating these four stages, the researchers aim to maximize the hydrogen yield from organic waste.

The proposed process would provide a more sustainable alternative to other processes for hydrogen production from non-renewable and renewable resources. Professor Dionisi commented that the project's ultimate impact would be to reduce the energy consumption, land and water requirements of green hydrogen production in the UK and globally.

Energy Minister noted that the government's £37 million investment in the project would support innovation across the UK, creating jobs and ensuring greater energy security for years to come.

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