• Using Pyrolysis to convert flaring gases into clean Hydrogen and solid carbon

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Using Pyrolysis to convert flaring gases into clean Hydrogen and solid carbon

Apr 11 2023

A recent report by the BBC has recognised gas flaring as a significant contributor to harmful gas emissions. The release of these pollutants poses a severe threat to human health, including an increased incidence of cancer in communities living near gas flaring sites. In response to this issue, H2-Industries has developed a solution that can convert flaring gases into clean hydrogen and solid carbon using pyrolysis technology.

This process is entirely CO2-emission free and provides clean hydrogen that is bound in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC). H2-Industries will deliver the technology in self-contained ISO containers that can be pre-assembled and shipped for installation at the flaring site. The by-product of this process is solid carbon black, which is not produced from fossil fuels but harmful production emissions. Carbon black is a valuable commodity used to strengthen rubber in tires, act as a pigment or UV stabiliser, or as a conductive or insulating agent in various applications such as hoses, conveyor belts, shoes, and printing.

The H2-Industries process captures clean carbon black without any additional CO2 emissions, which can be sold on the world market for between $1.5 and $2.5 per kg. With the International Energy Agency's (IEA) recognition of hydrogen's potential contribution to sustainable energy systems, H2-Industries technology offers a solution to reduce harmful emissions from gas flaring and turn them into valuable and much-needed green hydrogen to accelerate the pace of the energy transition.

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