• Refine Your Expertise: Free Web Seminar on Chlorine Analysis

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Refine Your Expertise: Free Web Seminar on Chlorine Analysis

Jun 14 2022

Are you looking for ways to efficiently analyze refining and petrochemistry samples while adhering to relevant regulations? Learn how to face common challenges in chlorine analysis for industrial quality control with Analytik Jena's free web seminar. Our lab experts will share their knowledge and give insights on how to simplify your lab processes.

“From Feedstock Materials to Final Products: Chlorine Analysis in Industrial Quality Control”

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Contents of this web seminar

Chlorine determination is an important, but often challenging task in industrial quality control. This is due to the widely varying matrix properties of the organic materials to be analyzed. Another challenge is the frequent need to differ between chlorine species like TICl and TOCl. Even solids can be in the focus of interest, when polymer waste is chemically recycled via pyrolysis processes to again turn into valuable hydrocarbons, or catalysts are checked for poisoning. Chlorine contents to be covered lay between several hundred ppm in used oils and less than 100 ppb in petrochemicals like naphtha.

Combustion elemental analysis coupled with coulometric detection has proven to be highly suitable to manage these challenges. Gain insights into the various challenges and depict strategies for sample treatment, sample supply, and matrix separation on selected application cases from oil and gas, refineries, derived fuels production, petrochemical and chemical industry as well as recycling.

Refine your expertise

Follow this link to find out how Analytik Jena can help you become fully compliant with the strictest regulations and achieve the best product quality in petrochemistry analysis by providing tailor-made and easy-to-use lab instrumentation.

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