• 20 years of protecting stored bulk crops all over the world

Flow Level Pressure

20 years of protecting stored bulk crops all over the world

Feb 16 2022

Titan Enterprises and Stored Crop Conservation Limited recently marked 20 years of collaboration. Stored Crop recently reported major updates to their business model and growth plans. The agrochemical specialists use a modified application system to prolong the lifespan of crops before and after harvest whilst maintaining healthy storage conditions.

Stored Crop design fogging systems to treat crop storage environments, over the last year they have seen a surge in demand for their crop ‘fogging’ machines installed across the globe. Nick Green, Stored Crop’s CEO, stated: “Our fogging machines are now being requested by an international market. This has significantly increased our manufacturing demand, and Titan’s excellent service and response to demand has been a great support.”

Stored Crop’s fogging machines use Titan’s 900 Series turbine flow meters to record and monitor the volume of dispensed chemicals used to treat and protect crops, grain stores, poultry units and glasshouses. Hygiene and the elimination of pests and fungus can cause major problems in the storage of bulk agricultural crops. Cleanliness is crucial in buildings used for food production through to mass food stores to maintain the quality of the raw materials. For example, the precise application of a sprout-suppressing agrochemical extends the life of stored potatoes.

Nick Green continued: “Early on in our operation, we found a sprayer that utilised Titan’s flowmeters. We trialled one of Titan’s measuring devices, working with them to adjust the flow meters to meet our exact requirements. We use both the PVDF and stainless-steel cased mini turbines as they are able to function accurately and reliably with aggressive chemicals where careful control of application volume is absolutely critical.”

Stored Crop’s fogging systems for food and crop storage emit a very fine and precisely dosed mist of the requisite agrochemical, resulting with the entire volume being treated evenly. The flow and volume of dispensed chemicals is measured by Titan’s 900 series mini-turbine flowmeters to provide consistent and safe dispersal of the controlled chemicals. The robust, durable and chemically-resistant Titan flow meters ensure that the different ‘fogging’ chemicals dispensed through Stored Crop’s machines, can be used anywhere in the world, even though each nation has its own regulations concerning chemicals used for these processes.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises said: “These turbine flow measuring devices are an ideal low-cost component for OEM applications. The combination of chemically resistant flow meter design and low flow rates to ensure precision measurement is well suited for chemical dispensing or batch-filling systems.”

The Titan 900 Series provides 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 L/min. The sapphire bearings ensure long life and dependability, and the variety of body materials available makes the 900 Series the perfect solution for metering and monitoring aggressive chemicals, including ultra-pure water.

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