• Automated ASTM D 445 Testing of Biofuels & Diesels

Analytical Instrumentation

Automated ASTM D 445 Testing of Biofuels & Diesels

Jan 14 2008

Biodiesel fuels are required to be certified to ASTM specification D 6751, which states that kinematic viscosity must be measured in accordance with ASTM D 445. This is a time-consuming test to perform in the laboratory. Now a completely automated system is available. Rheotek’s (USA) BioVis Automated Viscometer is specifically designed for Biofuels and Diesels and it complies fully with ASTM D 445 in every respect. The Rheotek BioVis boasts a number of unique features making it the number one choice among laboratory professionals who want expediency without compromising precision or compliance to the method. The instrument is incredibly easy to use and has been designed with operator friendly software. The instrument will automatically: equilibrate the temperature of the sample in an ASTM Ubbelohde viscometer tube, measure the flow time of the sample, obtain two consecutive flow times, remove the sample and clean and dry the viscometer tube. The kinematic viscosity will be calculated and displayed on the computer screen. Data can be printed, stored or sent to a LIMS system.

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