• Cost Effective Precision Mass Spectrometry Analysis for Fuel, Energy and Environmental Applications

Analytical Instrumentation

Cost Effective Precision Mass Spectrometry Analysis for Fuel, Energy and Environmental Applications

May 14 2024

Process Insights manufactures and delivers premium sensors, monitors, detectors, analyzers, instrumentation, and software that are mission critical to keep your operations, personnel, and the environment safe every day across the globe.

The MAX300 LG™ brings an unmatched combination of speed, sensitivity and precision to continuous, quantitative gas analysis.
Based on cutting edge quadrupole mass spectrometer technology, the MAX300 LG has the dynamic range to measure component concentrations from 100% down to the low parts per trillion (ppt). It provides a full composition update every few seconds to measure ch anges in dynamic chemical processes.

It combines the analytical capabilities of our high performance industrial Mass Spectrometer for the laboratory and offers our quadrupole performance in an economical package suitable for climate controlled laboratory environments. Typical applications include Catalysis Research, Bench Scale Reactors, Process Development, and Pilot Scale Research. It is suitable for Academic and Research Institutions, Energy Industry, Environmental Monitoring, Government Agencies and the Oil and Gas Industry wherever a high precision is needed.

MAX300 LG ™ Features:

  • Measures any gas or vapor sample
  • Complete quantitative sample composition
  • Real-time analysis of the input and effluent streams reveals what is happening in the reaction
  • Fast response: reveals changes to sample concentration in <300ms
  • Automated online analysis and data delivery
  • Sample selector options for up to 61+ sample streams
  • Useful at every stage of process development

The Questor5

The Questor5™ control software that drives the MAX300 LG provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis modes, and the ability to build an unlimited number of fully automated analysis routines. The intuitive web based interface allows the user to check instrument status, review data, or run an acquisition from anywhere on the laboratory network, while maintaining government and industry security standards for login and electronic record keeping.

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