• Centrifuges enhance laboratory efficiency in the fuels and lubricants sectors

Analytical Instrumentation

Centrifuges enhance laboratory efficiency in the fuels and lubricants sectors

Feb 14 2024

Centrifuges in oil and petroleum laboratories are pivotal for a wide range of applications, including sediment and water analysis in oils, fuel oils, and middle distillate fuels, precipitation in lubricating oils, and characterization of biofuels. Ortoalresa's Series Digtor 22 C exemplifies innovation in centrifuge design, catering specifically to oil and petrol applications. It adheres to a comprehensive range of standards, such as ASTM D 91, D 893, D 2273, D 2709, D 5546, API 2542, API 2548, BS 4385, and DIN 51793, ensuring compliance and reliability.

The series encompasses three models: the Digtor 22 C-U, designed for oil/petrol applications without heating for four tubes of 8”; the Digtor 22 C, which offers heating capabilities for four 8” tubes; and the Digtor 22 C-8, offering the highest capacity on the market, eight tubes of 8” with heating.

Centrifugation processes for the determination of water and sediment in oil, require an organic solvent that, reacting with the sample and heating of the equipment, generates aerosols. These centrifuges meet all safety standards and also come equipped with the pre-installation for the GRS, an exclusive accessory for aerosol extraction during centrifugation, enhancing safety for the user and lab.

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