• Lab-accurate water quality testers for the petroleum industry 

Analytical Instrumentation

Lab-accurate water quality testers for the petroleum industry 

Nov 28 2023

Myron L® manufactures ULTRAPEN™ pocket testers for produced and flowback water testing that enable on-the-spot checks against automatic treatment systems in unit processes. All ULTRAPENS are compact, lightweight, dust-tight, and waterproof with fully encapsulated electronics and bodies of rugged aircraft aluminium.

There are several different models available that provide simultaneous measurement of temperature combined with another parameter: the PT1 and PTBT1 measure conductivity, TDS, and salinity; PT2 and PTBT2 measure pH; and PT3 and PTBT3 measure ORP. These are ideal tools to ensure that refineries and petroleum/petrochemical plants are complying with local and international environmental regulations.

Conductivity measurements are carried out to test the efficiency of reverse osmosis and resin ion exchange processes, so they are an invaluable tool for monitoring for equipment failures and breakthroughs. The PT1 and PTBT1 devices feature a proprietary conductivity cell that provides accuracy of ±1% of reading and ±0.2% of reading at calibration point. Temperature compensation is automatically set at 25°C; this setting can be disabled by the operator if necessary.

pH measurements facilitate monitoring the automatic chemical feed that controls acidity or basicity of water in coagulation. The pH level has a direct influence on coagulation because it affects both the form and surface charge of coagulants and impurities. It also acts as a final quality control parameter to ensure that water is ready for recycling in polymer gel applications. The PT2 and PTBT2 instruments have an accuracy level of ±.01 pH and utilise a user-replaceable proprietary sensor with a large potassium chloride (KCl) reservoir for extended life. 

Taking ORP measurements helps the operator to ensure that there is effective microbial control prior to recycling water in polymer gel applications. The PT3 and PTBT3 instruments include user-replaceable proprietary sensors made of a 99.9% pure platinum electrode which provide a measurement accuracy of ±10mV.

Myron L’s ULTRAPENS are also extremely user-friendly. Their PT Series instruments offer one-button programmability, measurements, and calibration, while the new PTBT Series pairs with most Android™ or iPhone® Bluetooth®-enabled devices enabling the operator to control settings, measurements, calibrations, and data reporting tools from the PTBTX2™ mobile application. Later, data can be emailed in .csv, .xls, .xlsx, or Myron L Company’s proprietary encrypted format, .mlcx, which is compatible with Guardian2™ software.

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