• Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Petro Industry

Analytical Instrumentation

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Petro Industry

Apr 19 2022

NIR spectroscopy has proved to be an alternative, cost and time-efficient solution for quality control and screening of petrochemical products convincing manufacturers and regulators of the advantages of this technology. The success and increasing acceptance for NIR spectroscopy is reflected in the recent releases of ASTM guidelines ASTM 6122, ASTM 8321, and ASTM 8340, which discuss the implementation and validation of NIR spectroscopy as a fast and easy-to-use method for the analysis of petrochemical products.

As a one-click routine operation method, NIR spectroscopy allows the analysis of multiple quality parameters at the same time in less than one minute and without any sample preparation required prior to the analysis. Therefore, NIR spectroscopy is suitable for any user for analyzing chemical/performance parameters such as water content, aromatic content, RON, MON, bromine number/index, diene value as well as physical parameters such as API gravity, density, and viscosity accurately and reliably.

Check out the new and free Metrohm application booklet, which provides you with an overview of the application possibilities and benefits of NIR spectroscopy in the petrochemical industry. It covers several topics, starting with the basic principle how NIR spectroscopy works, information on relevant ASTM norms, selected applicative examples, and concluding with detailed information on cost savings.

Download the application booklet to learn …

  • How near-infrared spectroscopy works and how it can be used to quantify multiple chemical/performance and physical parameters within 30 seconds
  • How near-infrared spectroscopy complies with ASTM guidelines and how a NIR spectroscopy method is created
  • How Metrohm customers in the petrochemical industry use near-infrared spectroscopy and the cost and time savings they have experienced

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