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Petrotest products available from Labtex in the UK

Feb 23 2011

Petrotest Instruments traces its history back over 125 years to the very beginnings of the oil testing industry. The company was founded by Mr Berthold Pensky who later gave his name to a series of flash point testers.

Today the company employs around 60 people in the development and manufacture of standardised petroleum testing equipment for the examination of oils, fuels, lubricants and bitumen and also the determination of viscosity, flash point and more.

Product highlights include :

The PMA4 fully automatic Pensky Martens flash point tester follows methods ASTM D 93 A + B and IP 34. The PMA 4 can be combined with the unique 12 place automatic sample changer for high throughput laboratories.

The PNR 12 is a new automatic penetrometer. The PNR 12 rapidly provides information about the texture or consistency of a wide variety of semi solid products. It is a compact, microcomputer driven bench top texture analyser with a large graphic display and an intuitive control menu structure.

The PetroOxy Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Test (RSSOT) is a new method to evaluate the storage stability of liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel, biodiesel/FAME & blends), grease or oil.

The new test methods are:

ASTM D 7525 for Gasoline

ASTM D 7545 for Diesel, Biodiesel (FAME) & Blends

EN 16091 for Diesel, Biodiesel (FAME) & Blends

The PetroOXY-method offers a massive reduction of testing time and the handling & cleaning time per test is reduced to around. 5 minutes compared to some other oxidation and storage stability test methods, this test method uses a small sample and gives a result in a short time period.

Petrotest offers products in the following groups :

· Sampling devices
· Density and gravity testing
· Distillation units
· Flash point and auto ignition testing
· LPG testing
· Fuel testing
· Constituent analysers
· Oil testing
· Field tests and quick checks
· Friction & wear testing
· Grease and wax testing
· Bitumen testing
· Thermometers
· Calibration fluids
· Metal specimens
· Penetration & texture testing

Labtex provide sales and after sales support for Petrotest products and a wide variety of world class laboratory equipment.

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