• 2010 Petroleum Testing Equipment Catalogue. 100`s of products and 1000`s of test methods.

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2010 Petroleum Testing Equipment Catalogue. 100`s of products and 1000`s of test methods.

Aug 18 2010

Petrotest Instruments, the Berlin based petroleum testing equipment manufacturer, has launched a new short-form catalogue for 2010 showcasing its vast product range.

Able to trace its roots back to the very beginnings of ‘materials testing’ in the late 19th century, Petrotest manufactures equipment to ASTM – IP – DIN and many other international standards.

The new catalogue is indexed by keyword, chapter, reference numbers and test methods making it easy to locate the product that you are looking for amongst the 500 products and over 1000 test methods that are listed.

The catalogue is designed to be used in conjunction with the Petrotest website. Once the product has been found on the printed page, using the multiple indexes, two or three clicks on the Petrotest website will present you with comprehensive descriptions, test method compliance, photographs and other useful information.

Chapters in the catalogue cover sampling, density and gravity, viscosity, distillation, flashpoint and auto-ignition, fuel and oil analysis, friction and wear, grease, wax and bitumen testing. In addition a wide range of thermometers, viscometers, calibration fluids and metal test specimens are available.

Sample products include :

The PMA4 fully automatic Pensky Martens flash point tester follows methods ASTM D 93 A + B and IP 34. The PMA 4 can be combined with the unique 12 place automatic sample changer for high throughput laboratories.

The standard PMA 4 is pre-programmed with 14 standard test methods and user definable search programs and is extremely easy to operate. All the user has to do is insert the filled test cup into the heating block and position the multi detector and measuring head. Select one of the 14 test methods and select and expected flash point using the key pad.

The PNR 12 is a compact, microcomputer driven bench top texture analyser with a large graphic display and an intuitive control menu structure.

A needle, cone or other rod of known dimensions and weight penetrates a product sample under gravity, for a predetermined length of time, and the penetration depth is recorded. The resulting figure can then be used as the basis for controls in product development and for quality control.

ADU 4 automatic Distillation at Atmospheric Pressure to ASTM D 86, ASTM D 1078, ISO 3405, DIN 51751 (obs.), IP 123, IP 195, JIS K2254, NF M07-002 (obs.)
For the examination of motor gasolines, aviation gasolines, aviation turbine fuels, special boiling point spirits, naphthas, white spirits, kerosenes, gas oils, distillate fuel oils, solvents and similar petroleum products.

For further details like pricing and availability, or any technical support, a quick phone call to their UK representative Labtex Ltd is all that is required. Labtex offers sales and after sales service and maintenance on a range of high quality German, Swiss and US manufactured equipment.

For further details please contact Labtex Ltd 01484 600200

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