• A range of precise analytical solutions for the plastic industry

Analytical Instrumentation

A range of precise analytical solutions for the plastic industry

Oct 12 2023

Plastic provides convenience and utility to many aspects of our daily lives, so it is vital to have analysis methods to ensure their quality and ability to serve intended applications as products. Just like plastic, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing’s instruments are very convenient and provide many applications, of which we will here introduce a number concerning plastic analysis.

First is the determination of the weight equivalent of isocyanate in the exceedingly useful plastic, urethane (possible with KEM’s potentiometric titrators). After dissolving urethane in dehydrated toluene, dibutylamine is added in excess to react and the mix is back-titrated with hydrochloric acid. The inflection of the titration curve is the endpoint.

Next is the moisture content analysis of PET pellets (possible with KEM’s Karl Fischer moisture titrators). PET is widely used to make food and drink containers. Most PET samples do not adequately dissolve in Karl Fischer titration solvents, precluding their analysis by direct titration. Therefore, “indirect titration” is often used, achievable by preparing samples with an evaporator. A PET sample is heated in the evaporator and water vapour is chaperoned into solvent by a carrier gas and then titrated using a coulometric titrator.

Lastly is the determination of plastic melt viscosity using KEM’s novel “spinning probe” viscometer, the EMS-1000S. With an onboard heating capability (0-200°C), and disposable, airtight sample containers, the EMS-1000S can melt and measure plastic samples internally without the risk of mess and mechanical breakdown. Analysis of the curing of thermosetting resins is possible as the hardened sample can be disposed of with the sample container, leaving the viscometer immediately ready to measure the next sample.

KEM continues to support the advancement of science by creating measurement solutions for researchers in numerous fields. Contact them today to find out more.

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