• A new approach to viscosity analysis for petrochemical research and development

Analytical Instrumentation

A new approach to viscosity analysis for petrochemical research and development

Jun 13 2023

A new development in viscosity analysis for the research and development of petrochemicals has been developed. Viscosity is a crucial property for assessing the performance and quality of petrochemical products and is commonly measured to analyse lubricating oils, greases, and polymers. However, traditional viscosity measurement methods suffer from several limitations, for example, instrument cleaning, sample hardening, and volatilisation. The introduction of the EMS-1000S Viscometer by Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) has brought about a solution to these pitfalls. The EMS-1000S uses a unique measurement methodology that overcomes the common problems encountered with conventional techniques; this instrument offers a more efficient and user-friendly approach to viscosity analysis. This innovative device has been successfully adopted by major oil producers, including PetroChina Company Limited, to enable the development of new in-house measurement standard methodologies.

The EMS-1000S Viscometer uses autoclavable and hermetically sealable tubes that house a metallic probe, which is designed to spin within the sample medium. This design ensures that there is no direct contact between the sample and the instrument thus eliminating the need for time-consuming cleaning procedures between measurements. Additionally, the system enables precise control of the gaseous atmosphere surrounding the sample, while preventing the escape of harmful vapours.

The EMS-1000S Viscometer enables quick and precise adjustment of the measurement temperature. This capability facilitates the study of sample hardening and curing processes across an extensive measurement range of 0.1 to 1,000,000 mPa·s. Furthermore, the EMS-1000S offers efficiency and ease of use. Its adoption by the likes of PetroChina Company Ltd. has inspired the development of new in-house measurement standard methodologies.

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