• New Low-ost Benchtop Analyser Offers Improved Resolution and Detection Limits

Analytical Instrumentation

New Low-ost Benchtop Analyser Offers Improved Resolution and Detection Limits

Jan 11 2008

Jordan Valley’s (USA) new low-cost EX-Cite will replace the EX-310, the previous base model energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) benchtop analyser. The EX-Cite EDXRF benchtop spectrometer has many improved features over the EX-310, including an integrated computer system, a smaller footprint, vastly improved resolution and corresponding improved detection limits.

With newly developed improvements to proven PIN diode technology, the 35kV, 9 watt EX-Cite produces superior sensitivity with improved peak-to-background ratios, high count throughputs and superior resolution as compared to earlier PIN diode instruments. At the same time, the high-voltage, high-powered x-ray source delivers traditional laboratory instrument performance in a compact, self-contained package that fits conveniently on a traditional laboratory bench. The side window x-ray tube and advanced optical design permit extremely close coupling to the sample. The EX-Cite provides non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination of Sodium through Uranium. It can be easily customized for several different industriesand applications. Laura Oelofse, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Jordan Valley said, “The EX-Cite is a natural evolution in Jordan Valley’s quest to provide low-priced XRF analysis at the best possible price-performance ratio.” The integrated computer system combined with the robust design make the instrument ideal for a mobile laboratory. It meets MIL-810E specifications for shock testing.

For more powerful performance, Jordan Valley’s new 50kV, 50 watt EX-Calibur includes a fully integrated computer system and provides full qualitative, semiqualitative and quantitative analytical capabilities. This liquid nitrogen free EDXRF spectrometer achieves similar resolution to a traditional LN2 cooled SI(Li) detector, while eliminating the cost and inconvenience associated with liquid nitrogen.

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