• A golden opportunity to discuss your specific fuel, oil, or petrochemical analysis applications with globally renowned specialists

Analytical Instrumentation

A golden opportunity to discuss your specific fuel, oil, or petrochemical analysis applications with globally renowned specialists

Feb 05 2024

JAS was founded in 1995 to develop into a leading company for chromatography and spectroscopy system integration. The idea of serving the markets most important to the needs of our global society became the main motivation to develop products that help the food, health, and energy markets to precisely analyse their products faster and economically.

Today, JAS continues to strive to develop intelligent products, that avoid or, at the very least, ease sample preparation, the major cost driver in analytical chemistry. Making things easy and affordable, by creating “simply smart solutions” and turning them into a “Joint Analytical System” is the aim of the highly reputable company, based in Western Germany.

JAS has operated in the sectors of chromatography and spectroscopy since 1995. As a major partner of Agilent Technologies, JAS designs, manufactures and adapts analytical devices based on the specific criteria of their customers. JAS provides all standardised analysers and specialises in developing innovative systems and highly customised solutions for users in some of the most demanding industrial sectors such as fuels, petrochemicals and environmental analysis.

Visitors to the upcoming analytica Exhibition, taking place in Munich between 9 – 12 April will be able to discuss their specific requirements with the JAS team on stand A1 313. At this year’s event, JAS will showcase the latest version of their atomic emission detector (pictured above) which was first introduced in 2002. This fourth-generation model enables users to detect virtually all elements within any volatile compound (except helium, the carrier gas) at picogram-level sensitivities, with excellent selectivity. A single GC-AED system can replace multiple dedicated GC systems that use element-specific detectors. It is the ideal solution for labs analysing crude oils and (FCC) feedstocks.

The all-new AED maintains the principle and fundamentals of its predecessors and has been enhanced significantly with innovative design using the latest technology enhancements such as numerically controlled solid-state microwave generation, power and frequency control, electronic pneumatic control, flow-controlled air cooling and updated software. The footprint of the instrument has been halved, and it features a modular device concept for ease of maintenance.

Visitors to the JAS stand will also be able to discover their highly advanced UNiversal Injection System. The UNIS™ is a unique all-in-one inlet system. It comprises PTV (Large Volume); Split; Splitless; OnColumn and high-temperature PTV techniques. Also on display will be JAS’s CyroTrap, designed to efficiently trap effluents eluting from a capillary to either refocus it or retain it to cut it to a different column later. Another highly regarded JAS development is the modular ValveBox. Designed to ease the lay-out for customized laboratory- and process analysers. The ValveBox, installed on a GC 8890/8860, in conjunction with the fully automated GICU - Gas Injection Control Unit, provides sophisticated and versatile techniques for the analysis of highly complex gas mixtures.

JAS, who recently opened a subsidiary office in Dubai, can provide customers worldwide with turnkey solutions to suit their specific needs. Whether it's turn key systems, GC x GC, preparative GC, refinery gas, natural gas, high-temperature SimDist, DHA, liquefied gas, ethanol, isopropanol, SARA, fuel cell, wastewater, or specialised gas analysers, JAS will provide their clients with the best solution catered to their criteria. All of the analysers conform to a host of international standards such as ASTM, ISO and UOP and DIN.

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