• New Calorimeter for Liquids and Solid Fuels

Analytical Instrumentation

New Calorimeter for Liquids and Solid Fuels

Jan 11 2008

The bomb calorimeter C 2000 basic / control is the latest system from IKA® (Germany) for determining gross calorific values of liquids and solid fuels. During the development of this bomb calorimeter, great importance was placed on user-friendliness and on simple and fast maintenance.

A higher level of automation with extremely simple handling characterises this device. In addition to the isoperibolic measurement procedure, a dynamic (reduced-time) working method is also available for the user. Different working temperatures can be selected for both procedures based on the conditions of the experiment.

Both the device technology and the measurement procedure are approved by DIN 51900, ASTM 240D, ISO 1928 and BSI. In combination with special halogen-resistant decomposition vessels of the C 5012 series, quantitative decompositions can be performed in parallel to the analysis of gross calorific value to determine halogen and sulphur content.

To provide a supply of cooling water, the C 2000 bomb calorimeter is connected with a standard commercially available thermostat or with an appropriate permanently installed water connection.

The C 2000 basic bomb calorimeters are equipped with a very convenient operating panel through which operation of the device takes place.
The graphical display with active back lighting displays the appropriate status messages. The temporal course of a measurement that has been started and all current parameters of the weighed in sample can be constantly monitored and are arranged to be clearly visible.

The C 2000 bomb calorimeter control variant is delivered from the factory already complete with the well known and proven C 5040 Calwin calorimeter software. Control of the system takes place via a PC or Notebook that is connected with the C 2000 calorimeter via a serial interface.

The required interface cable is included with delivery (PC or notebook are not included in the delivery package).

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