• The ideal viscometer for oilfield and refining applications

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The ideal viscometer for oilfield and refining applications

May 03 2022

One of the huge range of on-line viscometers from Hydramotion was installed directly into the process line at a North American refinery’s integrated crude topping/vacuum distillation unit. The Hydramotion XL7-152 intrinsically safe viscometer monitors atmospheric tower bottoms at temperatures of up to 365°C/690°F, and the continuous, real-time viscosity data enables engineers to make any immediate adjustments required to keep the pumps turning.

The XL7-152 was chosen because of its unparalleled ease of use, precision and excellent repeatability at the low viscosities involved (less than 50 centipoise). And although the transducer dissipates heat, the unique high temperature design means no special cooling is needed. The XL7 is certified to EEx™ IIC T4 for use in Zone 0 Hazardous Areas (Class 1 Div 1 Group A) which is compliant with the plant environment.

Hastelloy C276 was used for all wetted parts so corrosion would be minimised. The XL7 is supplied with any necessary process fitting, the probe is an all-welded construction which can be placed in the full liquid flow in any orientation, with no need for any ancillary pipework. This makes installation simple, while eliminating discrepancies caused by localised temperature differences or unusual measurement conditions.

The XL7 is a robust, field-hardened instrument that measures any viscosity range at temperatures as high as 400°C+ in any tanks or pipes. The digital read-out unit can be installed up to a kilometre away from the transducer, and because all signals between sensor and safe area are digital, Hydramotion’s EX solution only requires a single safety barrier.

Unaffected by changes in flow rate or bubbles/slugs of air or gas, and with no moving parts to wear out or fail, the XL7 is a bolt-on-and-go device requiring no on-site calibration and almost no maintenance. 

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