• Ultra Low Sulphur in Diesel Fuel Calibration Standards

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Ultra Low Sulphur in Diesel Fuel Calibration Standards

Mar 17 2008

Beginning on June 1, 2006 any refiner desiring to sell diesel fuel to the United Statesmustmeet the new ultra low sulphur requirements outlined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency of 15 ppm sulphur in diesel fuel. In order to comply with the precision and accuracy criteria for approval of testmethods for determining the sulphur content of motor vehicles and NRLMdiesel fuel (under EPAMotor Vehicle Diesel Fuel Sec. 80.580 to Sec. 80.585 of TITLE 40 - Protection of Environment Chapter 1 – Environmental Protection Agency Part 80 - Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives), DCG (USA), a calibration standard manufacturer, has available N.I.S.T. standards to comply with the legislation.
Traceable by weight gravimetric standard kits and reference diesel sample kits. These kits are available in concentration ranges as described in EPA Sec. 80.854 and for the method approval according to EPA Sec. 80.585. In addition, DCG also has available calibration kits ranging from 1 - 20 ppm by weight sulphur in diesel fuel. Higher range calibration kits are also available. All standards in addition to being gravimetrically prepared and N.I.S.T. Traceable by weight have also been verified by one or more analytical methods.

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