• New single bath kinematic viscometer designed specifically for ASTM D445/446
    Cannon Instruments' CAV4.1

Analytical Instrumentation

New single bath kinematic viscometer designed specifically for ASTM D445/446

Apr 19 2023

CANNON Instruments have launched a new instrument that will be ideal for use in a variety of applications including crude, hydraulic, additive, base stock, wax & paraffin, light/heavy fuel and glycol/polyol testing. The new CAV 4.1 is a fully-automated, single bath, benchtop kinematic viscometer featuring two 14-position sample handlers designed to facilitate unattended ASTM D445/446 tests (Transparent & Opaque Liquids). Both Ubbelohde-style tubes offer a 100-fold viscosity range at values ranging between 0.5 mm2/s (cSt) and 10,000 mm2/s (cSt) from 40 °C to 150 °C (although users can go as low as 20 °C with the TE cooling option). 

The CAV 4.1 includes automated vial washing and drying to enable vial reuse and thus lower consumable costs. Installation is easy and, with a 35% smaller footprint than CANNON’s CAV-2000 series saves precious bench space. Cannon’s VISCPRO Windows® 10-based software application allows a single controlling computer to be linked to up to four instruments, and enables the programming of operator-defined test methods. The CAV 4.1’s automation improves accuracy. Users can perform several predefined/user-defined test methods within the same sample tray. This unit’s dual 14-position sample trays are simple to remove and facilitate a high hourly throughput of 28 samples.

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