• The World's Smallest and Fastest GC Demonstrates H2S Analysis

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The World's Smallest and Fastest GC Demonstrates H2S Analysis

Mar 12 2008

The C2V-200 gas chromatograph demonstrated H2S analysis within a matrix including CO2, ethane and propane amongst others.
H2S analysis is important for the oil and gas industry, (biomass) fuels and other applications. C2V (The Netherlands) launched the C2V-200 micro GC in late 2007: the fastest and smallest gas chromatograph in the
world providing the highest quality separation. The C2V-200 micro GC is a tested versatile engineering prototype of a 1-channel GC module. This remarkable handheld sized (124x84x60 mm)instrument offers users fast analysis: (10-30 sec.). The C2V-200 has an easy to exchange GC channel
cartridge: (90x50x15 mm) and operates on a low power system: 25W at 100 degrees Celsius. With its excellent separation: N=10'000-25'000, its ability to operate in temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius, its ppm
sensitivity with TCD and minimal carrier/reference gas requirements (operational 1 ml/min) C2V's GC is a truly versatile unit.
The C2V 200 can be purchased and is delivered with power line adaptor, user manual, and software CD. To run the C2V 200, external pressure (control), power, carrier gas, sampling and a PC is required. The stainless steel package has standard VICI 1/16" connectors and requires a conditioned sample and carrier flow. The column can be heated up to 180degress Celsius and the C2V-200 has a ppm level detection limit.
C2V also offers customized engineering, OEM supply and testing services to develop applications.

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