• How Are Vehicles Converted to LPG?

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How Are Vehicles Converted to LPG?

Oct 22 2018

Whether you’re tired of the ever-increasing petrol prices or just want to do your bit to help the environment, LPG could be the solution for you. As explored in our six-part series, LPG allows you to cut costs and emissions, without parting with your beloved vehicle.

An LPG vehicle conversion can be a costly investment, but the money saved on petrol, and even insurance, makes it worthwhile. But how exactly are vehicles converted to LPG? Read on as we take a closer look.

How is an LPG tank installed?

If you’ve made the decision to convert to LPG, it’s important to make sure it’s done properly. The size of your car, the size of the LPG system and the type of car you have will all impact the type of LPG system needed. So, it’s vital that the installer knows what they’re doing and can complete the job to the best standards. Take a look at DriveLPG’s list of approved installers to find the nearest installer to you.

The installation process involves having a second, independent fuel system installed in your car. This comes with a second fuel tank and separate fuel gauge, so you know when to refuel the different types of fuel. You might also need an additional lubricating system to avoid excessive engine wear.

Which vehicles are suitable for an LPG conversion?

Do you currently fuel your car with petrol and want to convert to LPG? No problem. Around 90% of petrol cars registered in the UK can be converted to run on both petrol and LPG.

Diesel cars can also be converted, but the process is much more complicated and with the current technology available, it is not recommended.

Once installed, your new LPG tank can be easily filled up at your local petrol station. Its still worth keeping your petrol tank topped up, though, even if you’ll be using LPG regularly. You can switch to petrol at any time, or if you run low on gas, you’ll have your reserve of petrol to fall back on.

You don’t need to worry about a lack of LPG, either, with over 1400 service stations supplying LPG across the UK. For a full list of LPG fuelling stations, take a look on DriveLPG’s page.

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LPG can save money in the long run, as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to learn more about the alternative fuel, read the next post in our series on the low emissions benefits of LPG. For a more detailed look at the fuel, read our article ‘Matrix-Optimised Analysis of Gases and LPG Samples

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