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multi EA® 5000

Nov 29 2010

One analyser for liquid, paste-like, solid, gaseous and LPG samples
C, N, S and Cl from solid, liquid, paste like and gaseous samples are only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX and AOX / TOX analyses are further areas of analysis easily covered by the multi EA® 5000. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields such as petro chemistry, environmental analysis, pharmacy, the chemical industry and materials testing. Analyse all parameters of one sample without converting the analysis system. The software and the extensive library of prefabricated method packages will help you select the appropriate method. This allows you to activate the right parameters easily.

Double furnace – both modi in one and the same device
The double furnace, with an incredibly easy-to-use tilting mechanism enables the system to be optimally adapted to your sample. For rapid and precise determination of liquids and gases, particularly in the trace range, the use of vertical systems has become standard. With the increase in complexity, volatility and viscosity of the samples, however, it is necessary to use the horizontal mode.

The multi EA® 5000 combines both modi in one and the same device. The furnace can be quickly set up vertically or horizontally in next to no time and is thus automatically fixed for safe operation. The use of only one multi-purpose combustion tube for all standard applications, whether horizontal or vertical, makes conversion child’s play. It is no longer necessary to change tubes.

Flame sensor technology with self-learning function
The flame sensor technology guarantees matrix-optimised, reliable, quantitative combustion. Even unknown samples, whose properties are unidentified, can be analysed soot-free, precisely and
reliably today.

The flame sensor monitors the flame which is formed – this is the key to complete oxidation, the prevention of soot formation and thus a guarantee for extremely accurate readings.

A self-learning function is available on request. This is a systematic further development of the approved flame sensor technology in order to optimise the combustion process especially for your sample matrix in terms of the time involved. This is the quickest, safest and, comparatively speaking, most complete combustion ever in the history of elemental analysis.

Matrix-Optimised Analysis of Gases and LPG Samples
The multi EA® 5000 is combined with application-optimised sample gas systems. Thus liquid gases, highly pressurised gases, but also gases relaxed to normal pressure can be analysed for
element contents in the range of ultratraces up to percentages. In only one single cycle, the sulphur, nitrogen and carbon content is determined simultaneously, and chlorine is determined sequentially.

Modular principle – be flexible Its unique modular principle means that the multi EA® 5000 can be constructed individually. You can configure your system to meet your needs and requirements. No problem if your analytical requirements change, the modular structure of the multi EA® 5000 can be extended at any time.

multi EA® 5000 – the highest precision, fastest and safest, yet still most convenient analyser.

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