• Flame sensor technology with self-learning function  

Analytical Instrumentation

Flame sensor technology with self-learning function  

Feb 17 2010

The flame sensor technology guarantees matrix-optimised, reliable, quantitative combustion using the elemental analyser multi EA 5000. Even unknown samples, whose properties are unidentified, can be analysed soot-free, precisely and reliably today.

Complete combustion occurs by means of intelligent process guidance in which the sample is first pyrolysed using inert gas. The pyrolysis products are then burned in the pure stream of oxygen. This is when the actual oxidation process takes place. The flame sensor monitors the flame which is formed – this is the key to complete oxidation, the prevention of soot formation and thus a guarantee for extremely accurate readings.

Self-learning function
The elemental analyser multi EA 5000 with a self-learning function is available on request. This is a systematic further development of the approved flame sensor technology in order to optimise the combustion process especially for your sample matrix in terms of the time involved.
This is the quickest, safest and, comparatively speaking, most complete combustion ever in the history of elemental analysis.

The advantages to you at a glance
- A single method for sample matrices with the same state of aggregation
- Matrix-dependent adjustment of process parameters is now redundant
- No prior knowledge of the combustion behaviour of the samples required
- No time-consuming method development
- Uniquely high sample quantities
- A guaranteed quantitative sample decomposition, no more soot formation in systems
- Improved precision thanks to complete oxidation
- Minimised effects of sample matrix
- Clearly reduced maintenance effort

Elemental analyzer multi EA 5000: C, N, S and Cl from solid, liquid, paste like and gaseous samples are only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX and AOX / TOX analyses are further areas of analysis easily covered by the multi EA 5000. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields such as petro chemistry, environmental analysis, pharmacy, the chemical industry and materials testing.

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