• A Potpourri on Application Diversity – the New Elemental Analyzer Multi Ea® 5000

Analytical Instrumentation

A Potpourri on Application Diversity – the New Elemental Analyzer Multi Ea® 5000

Dec 19 2008

The multi EA® 5000 is versatile, reliable, easy to operate and capable of so much more than just elemental analysis. C, N, S and Cl from solid, fluid, paste-like and gaseous samples are only a small part of what it can do. TOC, EOX and AOX/TOX analyses are further areas of analysis easily covered by the multi EA® 5000. This makes it a universal talent to be used in various fields such as petrochemistry, environmental analysis, pharmacy, the chemical industry and materials testing.

Its unique modular principle means that the system can be constructed individually. You can configure your multi EA® 5000 to meet your needs and requirements, thus creating your personal analysis system. No problem if your analytical requirements change, the modular structure of the multi EA® 5000 can be extended at any time.
The globally unique double furnace technology makes it quick to switch between vertical and horizontal applications in one instrument, i.e. fast and optimum adaptation to the sample matrix and analysis standard with minimal effort.

The flame sensor technology guarantees matrix-optimized, quantitative combustion. Even unknown samples, whose properties are undocumented, can be analyzed soot-free, precisely and reliably today.
Forget time-consuming method generation and optimization of process parameters, such as gas flow, temperature, dosing speed – these are in the past!

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