• Flameproof sensors for flammable gases


Flameproof sensors for flammable gases

May 02 2022

Flammable gases need a gas-air ratio of suitable proportions to be ignited, therefore one of their key risk factors is concentration, which has to be between the lower and upper explosive limits; values outside this range will not result in an explosion, but they might be hazardous because of toxicity or oxygen displacement. Therefore early detection is key to the well being of both personnel and assets.

The SGX VQ500 sensor series includes two types of sensor. Firstly there is ‘catalytic’ – these can detect most flammable gases and vapours, this also includes ammonia and kerosene up to the LEL level.  There are also thermal conductivity sensors, capable of detecting gas concentrations up to 100% volume and detecting gases that have a thermal conductivity different from air.

SCX’s VQ500ZD/W versions are temperature tested during manufacture to ensure that their temperature performance complies with mining standards, and their VQ548ZD-S model is annealed for increased stability. 

The VQ548MP Series uses proven catalytic bead chemistry backed up by a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) and provides unsurpassed levels of detection reliability and precision with extremely low power consumption. Pulse mode decreases power consumption to the minimum while the VQ548MP sensors continue to provide stable measurements in this mode.

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