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Searchpoint Optima

Aug 01 2008

The Optima Plus, From Honeywell Analytics (UK), is an advanced flammable point infrared detector, certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. With a fast speed of response and a dual channel, fully compensated infrared optical configuration, Optima Plus is suited to a wide range of applications from oil platforms to distilleries. The device is fail to safe and features advanced internal fault diagnostics, meaning that routine maintenance is also reduced.

Its 4-channel (dual compensated) optics-block forms the heart of Searchpoint Optima Plus and has been specifically designed to compensate for changes in the external environment similar to 2-channel designs. In addition, the optics-block also compensates for long term component drift such as infrared sources and detectors. This, combined with the de-focussed beam, provides the Searchpoint Optima Plus with the most stable optics design possible. New 42 Software signal processing and algorithms deliver a new dimension in false alarm rejection providing the highest level of operational integrity.

This device also offers flexibility in terms of monitoring remote or inaccessible locations; Optima Plus can be fitted with flow housing and engineered into a gas sampling system. Suited to all types of locations, Optima Plus is available in single point and multi-point variations for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

Key Features:

• Failsafe operation with all the proven strengths of the original Optima design
• Fast speed of response
• Reduced need for maintenance
• Immune to catalytic poisons
• Long operating life
• Works in inert atmospheres
• Detects a wide range of hydrocarbon gases including solvents
• Increased reliability with no moving parts
• Immune to long term component drift
• Certified for European hazardous areas

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